My Darkness

A soul of light, being cloaked in the darkness of its own conjuring. People around me always seem happy. High strung, as if the worries of the world affect no cellular portion of them. Carelessly living life, but carefully soaking in happiness as if sun bathing in the Caribbean. Maybe my life experiences have taken [...]

Seek Help.

I was watching a movie earlier today, in which a woman’s stepdaughter gets raped and brutally beat up. The movie did such a great job depicting the emotions and anger in real situations that women go through after being assaulted.  But the reason I’m writing this post is because of one of the scenes; the daughter [...]

Confidence Vs Cockiness

By: Jared Keene Over the past few years, I noticed something both interesting and alarming when it comes to millennials and the way they view themselves. While it is essential to one's success to possess confidence, it would seem as though many are rather cocky instead. Confidence is something that comes from within. No one [...]