Brown guys, and basically any guy, can take advantage of you. I never thought it could happen to me.

He called me cute. Pretty. Hot. Someone he’d want to cuddle with. Wifey material. Said he thought of me all the time and missed me. Said my body looked amazing (based off my IG because I refused to send nudes). He was wrong on so many levels for me. He was everything I never wanted in a man. He brought out the other side of me I didn’t want anyone knowing. We sexed. Never in my life would I have done that with someone I’ve never met. Somehow I gave in. I played along and liked it. To clarify, we were not dating, just talking.

I liked his rebellious, deviled self. I liked the sweet, sexy talk. I mean what girl wouldn’t?

But naive me fell for it all. I developed feelings. He made it seem he was really into me and wanted something to happen. I overlooked all his negatives.

I began to think, “I don’t really know anything about him or his family. All he does is sweet talk me and talk about how much he wants my body…” Then it hit me. He’s not being genuine. He just wants fun and I was being played with. We had met twice and I refused sex. We did cuddle, but I told him I’m not having sex with you.

One day, after he sent me an “I miss you babe” text, I told him I didn’t feel respected and said all you seem to want is my body and don’t want to know who I even am as a person. I told him sorry and that my feelings were always genuine towards him and I never lied about how I felt. He said it’s my own thinking/opinion and there’s nothing to forgive. That was it. It blew my mind. 24/7 talking was over in a minute. He didn’t even say he respected me. He never sent a follow-up text or anything. What a dick move. Deep down I thought, I didn’t think that was the response I was going to get. But yet, I saw it coming. Everything I thought was real, wasn’t. How did this even happen? How could and did I let it happen? I had ended it. Me. I saved myself from possibly ruining my life over someone who wasn’t honest and just wanted some fun. Never let yourself go. Sweet talking goes a long way. It gets in your head and takes over your heart. Never ever ever let a guy manipulate you and ask for your body. It’s a mistake you can never take back and fix. We like the attention and feel good when being told all that, but it is something as a woman you have to be careful about. If a man can’t respect you, or your body, then fuck him. Move on.

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