Misconception of Athletes

Being a minority at a majority white school is challenge per se. But being a minority on a major team at your college or university is a big challenge. If you play basketball or football there it is already this preconceived notion that those particular athletes “think that they are better than everyone else.” Sometimes that is true, but that is not the case for the most part. People go off of what they see in public before they get to really know/understand someone. As long as you are respective and curdious to people they have no place to tell you things like that. Some of my best friendships are with non-athletic people, but the difference is they had conversations with me and got to know me on a deeper level. No one person is better than another. God made all us all in his image, so to think less of a person because of some outside circumstance is not right. Don’t judge a book by its cover, get to know people then make your assessment.

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