Perspective of Not Being a Doctor in the Desi Community

An issue that bothers me is other brown people looking down upon you because YOU are not a doctor: you are something else; like a nurse. They see it as “someone who just cleans up like a maid.” I’m sorry, but it’s 2019. A nurse is a healthcare provider just like anyone else in the medical field. I don’t see the issue just with aunties and uncles, but the youth as well.
For example, I’ve had guys slide into my DMs and once they know I’m an RN, they wave goodbye. I wouldn’t have noticed, but I saw a pattern with being rejected when people realized that I’m not a medical or dental student. Secondly, forcing your child to become a doctor is wrong. I’m not bashing doctors or parents, but the idea that you can only be an MD/DDS…yes it is a good profession, but not everyone is capable of it. There are other professions out there if you want to choose a career in medicine.
They are jobs that SHOULD NOT be looked down upon. It saddens me that people still have this mentality of superiority and inferiority.
Point being, no brown parent should force their kids into a profession and the Desi community shouldn’t be judging or looking down on others. Yes, you can guide your kids, but don’t make it the ultimatum of just being a doctor. We all are human and when we die, we are all the same: we are equal; professions don’t mean anything, then. I hope I’m not the only one who felt this way and I am sorry if I offended anyone who read this.

One thought on “Perspective of Not Being a Doctor in the Desi Community

  1. I happen to know two male nurses from the Indian subcontinent here in the US. Both married to Americans (one of them also in the nursing profession) and both interact very little with our community. Not sure if they are outcast, but they have zero interest in maintaining a relationship with their fellow countrymen. No shortage of American friends seems like. It’s pretty said but in the Pak community (my background) for sure, nursing is frowned upon, and if you are a male, forget it. No Pak family will marry their daughter to you. It’s sad.


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