Question 2-Self worth

“Hey girl,
So I had a boyfriend in my college that was well known around and I wasn’t as much and that’s because he was an athlete and I’m not. But he at first wouldn’t want to be seen around with me and than I addressed it to him and than he did. A lot of people would see us around. And I felt like that was needed because if you wouldn’t want to show me off that means he is hiding something. Anyways long story short we dated for some time and than we broke up and now a lot of females be around him and stuff and that fucks me over a lot. What should I do to get over it ?”


Honestly, it seems like he didn’t care much about you. I know that sounds harsh, but if someone cared for you the way you cared for him, they wouldn’t be acting this way and would make sure not to hurt you, even after the break-up. Being around girls doesnt necessarily mean he’s dating them, but I understand that seeing that must hurt. A guy who truly cares for you would show you off to the world and try to make it work between the two of you. Move on and look for someone nice, someone who wouldn’t hurt you and still be there for you even if it didn’t work out romantically. If you have to ask to be shown off, they’re not worth it and I can tell you that from personal experience. Find a hobby that calms you, surround yourself with people that care for you, and don’t think you’re not worthy of true love, because you are. Emotions are easy to play with and sometimes people don’t see how much they are hurting others. Eventually they’ll realize that you were special and they messed up and you’ll realize your self-worth by then. I hope this helped ❤.

Feel free to keep commenting and talking about this if you need to, or if anyone has anything else to add, please do so!


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